Why Health and Wellness?

Healthy, wellness employees can handle stress better, work harder, help other and are more efficient and more engaged.

We live in a fast-moving, active and busy world, full of distraction. We are constantly dialed in with technology so it’s very important to walk into a company where you feel the surrounding is different, where people seem inspired, happier and productive.

Healthain enables companies to engage employees, bring wellness into their lives and reward them for participating. At the same time, it helps shift the emphasis of health maintenance efforts from expensive reactive interventions to proactive positive lifestyle changes.

Nowadays most companies care for their employees, their health, welfare and their families. Employees adore these companies because this care further relates to their jobs. Healthain gives you the opportunity to unite the workers’ health with their motivation in the workplace.

Use Runtastic Training Plans to make progress & reach fitness goals

Healthain enables companies to engage employees, bring wellness into their lives and reward them for participating. It helps you stay fit by setting personal goals, track everyday activities and reach new corporate challenges. That means that every completed personal or corporate target awards points that can be redeemed in JobPts using seamless integration through platform shared services.

Corporate Health

You can administrate corporate challenges to improve healthy habits. Health reduces costs spent on health care and benefits. Stimulate fitness competition between sectors, teams, organizational units, and award the winners. With Healthain we make it count!

Product Benefits

Workplace Health Initiatives and the Wearable Revolution are providing tools to implement, administer, and manage Effective Wellness programs. The program is enhancing productivity and engagement, contributing to greater employee happiness. Healthain is bringing a greater understanding of an individual’s wellbeing.

Manage Health data from multiple sources

Wearable devices and the biometric data can capture and provide employees with more information about their bodies, minds and emotional well-being than they’ve ever had before. Healthain allows employees to connect and manage to any wearable and health data sources. It enables employees to retrieve health data regardless of how the data was recorded, processed, or stored. It’s important in this wearable revolution of devices and apps that Healthain can easily integrate health data from anywhere and securely store it on the SAP Cloud Platform. With a simple summary you can follow your fitness progress.

Achievements Leaderboard

See who’s run the furthest this/last week or this month. Healthain provides an open framework to adapt to the needs of the company. Gamification with leaderboards gives team and corporate overviews and visual comparison of high scores. Incenting a behavior change lets employees earn points and rewards.

Customizable dashboard configuration

Steps, Duration, Distance or Calories burned can be easily tracked and monitored.

Healthain allows employees to set wellness goals and gives employee feedback on progress towards their goals. It tracks their daily activity and gives recommendations to employees on behaviors that can increase their well-being. Benefits professionals can create incentives and competitions to foster adoption and increase participation in wellness programs allowing employees, benefits providers and the deploying company to jointly participant and jointly take responsibility for employee well-being.