Technical Info

Healthain is developed natively as an XS application on SAP HANA DB. Healthain runs on the SAP Cloud Platform, and uses HCP App services like Document Mgmt, SAP ID Service, Connectivity, and Cloud Portal. Healthain is integrated with SAP’s solutions such as SuccessFactors, SAP HCM and SAP Jam.

Advanced Administration

Define challenges, track workflows, assign personal trainers, reports and more. Easily configuration between the participants you want to choose from. You can administrate corporate challenges to improve healthy habits. It has fast, accurate, and easy access to all available reports.

Mobile Recognition and Fiori-style Experience

Healthain isn’t just for Desktop, or iPhone and Android users; our HTML5 app has a responsive design for an amazing user experience on smart phones and tablets. It is optimized for simple and intuitive user experience.

Real-time Analytics with SAP HANA

You’ll also get results you can track, segment, measure and export with the leading in-memory platform SAP HANA. Healthain was designed to deliver serious improvements in culture, and thanks to SAP HANA it's why our dashboards, analytics and reporting features are so robust. We do have to warn you, effortlessly measuring metrics like user activity and number of interactions is highly addictive.

Your Data and Security

Who would you trust to manage and operate your sensitive surveys and data analytics? SAP or a vendor that keeps your data on Amazon and their own 3rd party servers? This is the reason why Healthain is built on the SAP Cloud Platform and runs inside SAP's proven data centers. With Healthain, you never compromise on your data, security and support.

The following Security and Compliance requirements are fulfilled:

You also get global 24x7 support of the Platform and with 99.9% platform availability.